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Dilly's Birthday!
Dilly the chocolate brown Labrador rolled onto her back as she dreamt. She dreamt of eating oodles and oodles of delicious food cooked by her mistress, Alo. Dilly’s pink tongue lolled out of her mouth happily as she became full, and rolled onto her back so Alo could give her belly rubs. One of Dilly’s hind legs began to kick as dream-Alo began to rub and scratch her good spot. Dilly kicked and kicked until her kicking woke her up.
She looked about groggily, realizing that she wasn’t in the kitchen eating all she could ever want and getting the best of belly rubs. Instead she was on her doggy bed next to her mistress’ bed, where Alo was still sleeping. Dilly rolled back onto her side and sighed; if Alo wasn’t up cooking breakfast, then there wasn’t much reason to get up off of her doggy bed. So, content to be lazy until her belly could be filled with food, Dilly began to doze off again… until she bolted up from her bed, belated remembering somet
:iconnoitalfin:Noitalfin 10 2
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Scotty Darling
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I've been writing in the shadows here for years now, putting out various inflation stories as I have grown as a writer. Now I'm at the point where my fetishy stories have become a bit... risque. And that's putting it lightly. So I'm enjoying being a deviant here while I can before the Deviant Police come for me and punch me in the spleen!

Find me on Furaffinity as Noitalfin for all of my material too saucy for DA!
2016 was both one of the best and worst years of my life. It was the worst due to the world around me becoming far more dangerous, and I found myself in real danger more times this year than I have ever before in my life. Truth be told, it's probably going to get even more dangerous in time, but that's where the good news comes in. Because 2016 has hands down been the best year for me due to finally acquiring a stable income, which I have been using to jumpstart my life. And if worst comes to worst, I have enough money stashed away to make moving away a possibility.

That said, 2016 has also been one of the best years because of all I have gained.

In 2015 I still had notions of getting into writing comics and/or becoming a traditional author. Once upon a time I considered my fetishy writings to be more like practice for my future regular writing, but that changed once I started spending time around my now friend, Alorok. I became inspired to start writing more and more fetish material, and I've put out more pieces in this year alone than I had posted in the 8 years before. I've managed to average a little over a story per month, rather than a story every year or so. And you know what? That feels fantastic.

I've only ever had a finite number of ideas that I could put out with my actual name attached; stories I could have my family actually read. But the problem with having so few ideas, is that I could never make a living doing that. Truth be told, I don't know if I ever can doing this either, but I can't seem to ever run out of new ideas for fetishy stories. So much of the world around us can be mined for inflation and/or transformation material. And through my increased output has come new friends, and a sense that I have finally found a place where I belong.

Most importantly, I've found what makes me happy, and that's doing what I'm doing now.

I love making kinky stories that get people all hot and bothered, and that people have been enjoying them! A Day With Sam the Squig and Breeding Stock have become my two most popular stories, and not in my wildest dreams did I think that would be the case!

I wrote Breeding Stock rather quickly for Moo Moo March; just a quick cowgirl tf starring yours truly. Honestly, I think Madamsquiggles' art really is what got many people to give them a read, but even so, to know that people love my little Sammy is so touching. A Day With Sam the Squig was written with love and care, both for Madam's creations and my lil Sam (...who was also originally created by Madam tbh). Part of Sam's personality comes from my own experience as an outsider, and never really fitting in. I found a kindred spirit in this little bundle of tentacles, who is nothing but a sweetheart, but just so happens to look scary. And to know that people like him as much as they do is truly humbling, and I'm sure he'd be all bashful to know that too. Oh, and Sam will be coming back in February in "The Squig Spa"!

I hope to continue my current output of stories throughout 2017, starting with Juicy January and the SIX pieces I have lined up for my birthday month! Four of the six are already partially or nearly finished, and I hope to at the very least get them out by the end of January. This is one of the most ambitious projects I have ever considered, and I hope many of you enjoy it!

And speaking of you, thank you all for the watches and the favorites over this last year! You've made all of this worthwhile!!! :D <3

On to 2017!!!

Would you be interested in reading a story based on the C*m Dumpster Competition described in "Tainted Milk"? 

27 deviants said Sure, even if it will probably be posted on FA and/or Tumblr.
4 deviants said What?! No! Icky icky sex! Get it away get it away get it awaaayyyyyy!!!
1 deviant said


The latest story is nearly finished, and I'm just working on editing it now. I'm hoping to post it either tonight or tomorrow!
Monday... MONDAY! Do you mind??? I'm trying to write! I don't need you doing your best impression of the Road Runner! >D<
Looks like I might not be making the deadline for the end of MMM with my 2nd story. Oh well. Expect something a little better than what I would've popped out today in the next two or three days.

(Looks like April is going to be the month of catching up and finishing stories I've already started)
My apologies for not writing this sooner, but welcome to Moo Moo March 2017! (Or at least the middle of it)

I have plans for two moo-themed stories this month, although only one of which will be safe for DA. The first is another cowgirl transformation story starring yours truly as the hapless cowgirl. But more importantly it's going to mark the return of Sam the squig, and the first appearance of my girlfriend Val! This one is going to have a bit more focus on humiliation post cowgirl transformation, and I'm really excited to share it with all of you!

The second story which will be posted to my Fur Affinity page is based on a doodle that my friend Alo did a while back of the two of us as cowgirls after what can only be described as a cum dumpster competition. Needless to say that such a story might be too raunchy for here.

So stay tuned! The first story should drop sometime next week!

Happy MMM everyone! :D
I commissioned a little gift starring myself and my wonderful girlfriend :iconvalthewitchgal: :heart:

I love you, hun~

Pop Art by beltpop


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